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The SpecsIntact Learning Guide Series and eLearning Modules are designed to teach SpecsIntact users the concepts involved in successfully installing the software through completing projects by fully utilizing all the tools provided in the SpecsIntact System. These tools addresses a particular aspect of the system, and clearly outlines the major points.

In newer versions of these guides, bookmarks have been added for additional flexibility and navigation, which requires Adobe Reader. If you experience trouble downloading the Learning Guides, e-mail

eLearning Modules

The eLearning Modules is a self-directed training tool developed for users just learning to use the software or simply need a refresher. In addition to the QuickStart Guides, the eLearning Modules provide a fresh perspective on the SpecsIntact software that targets core topics for learning to master the SpecsIntact software. The modules provide course materials in a logical, sequential order that will guide you through the content. New modules will be announced as they are developed and posted to the website so users can stay informed and trained.

Learning Guide Series

The Installation Guide provides an in-depth introduction to the three types of software installations, setting up the Working Directories and downloading and connecting the Masters as well as tips for relocating system files, creating shortcuts, printer setup and software updates. The Guide is formatted for duplex printing directly from this Portfolio. In order to print, double-click on the page twice. This will open the PDF File in a separate PDF tab, once open, locate Adobe's mini-navigation bar at the bottom of the file then select the printer icon.

The QuickStart Guides are designed for learning the basics of SpecsIntact from A to Z -- for new users or those who want a refresher course. They are formatted for color and duplex printing when available.

Once the UFGS Master has adopted Automatic Paragraph Numbering, this format will be the standard. NASA and DoD has mandated the Numeric numbering scheme for all projects.

The new Numeric and Alphanumeric Guides are available for those users who wish to take advantage of the new Automatic Paragraph Numbering schemes. In order to use this feature the UFGS Master and existing Jobs will require conversion, which is also available in SpecsIntact version 4.5.0 and newer. To learn more about the Conversion process visit the Help Topic entitled "Convert to Automatic Paragraph Numbering".

Automatic Paragraph Numbering....

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Learning Guide Series Portfolio

This Portfolio is a collection of all of the guides in our Learning Guide Series and displayed in a modern robust interface that provides integrated navigation. For the best playback, the Portfolio should be opened with Acrobat or Adobe Reader X, or greater and Flash Player 10.1 or later.

If you do not meet the requirements for using the Portfolio stated above, links are provides below for the standard PDF printable versions:

Printable Guides