Technical Notes

Applies to: Installation Considerations

All versions of SpecsIntact

Installation Options

For a complete guide on the SpecsIntact Installation, download and print the Installation Guide.

SpecsIntact is comprised of two major sets of folders: Software and Working Directories.


1.    The Software Directory contains the files that operate the program.

2.    The Working Directories hold Jobs and local Masters (multiple Working Directories on different drives are possible).

These directories can be installed on a local drive, a network server, or a combination of the two. When installing on an individual computer system, both the Software and Working Directories will be stored on your local drive. If you are connected to a network, the considerations below will dictate which installation would be the best choice. See Types of Installation for more information once you determine your configuration needs.

Considerations For Installations

Available Disk Space

1.    The Software Directory requires at least 30MB of space for SpecsIntact to operate (for a local installation).

2.    Space necessary for the Working Directories will depend entirely upon the number of Directories and size of the Jobs being stored. Although multiple Working Directories are now possible, one must be designated as the default.


If multiple users will be editing Jobs, there are two options:


1.    Install the both the Software Directory and the Working Directories on the network server. The Working Directories may then be shared by all users on the network. The workstation users will install only the program icons and some .INI files on their local hard drives (requiring 4.5 MB). With this type of installation, upgrading to new versions of SpecsIntact will only require one installation on the network server.


- OR -


2.    Install the Software Directory on all local workstations and the Working Directories on the network server. All users on the network can then share the Working Directories. With this type of installation, upgrading to new versions of SpecsIntact will require reinstalling on each workstation.


Before downloading and installing SpecsIntact, check to make sure your computer system meets the hardware and software requirements.

For additional assistance on program installation, consult your Windows documentation.