Technical Notes

Applies to: The UFGS Master: Submittal Procedures Section

All versions of SpecsIntact

Tailoring Options in the UFGS Submittal Procedures Section


With the establishment of the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) Master -- the Submittal Procedures Section was updated with tailoring (TAI) tags, allowing it to be pre-edited for an Army, Navy or NASA project.


To learn more about what Tailoring Options should be selected for your project, review the Submittal Procedure Sections Technical Note above PART 1 General.


To choose the correct tailored information for your Job:


1.    From the SI Explorer, right-click on the Submittal Procedure Section and choose Tailor.

2.    In the dialog box, clear the checkmark from the options you want to remove from the Section, leaving the options you want included in the Section checked.

3.    Click OK, the options you unchecked will be permanently removed from the Submittal Procedures Section.


If you do not want to see the Tailor Section In Job dialog box when Adding Sections, simply uncheck the option 'Show this dialog box automatically when adding Sections to a Job or Master.